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Discover Novafood Clear Transparent, one-sided food-grade pouch

The Novafood range is evolving: Discover Novafood Clear, the transparent, one-sided food-grade pouch.

Does the Novafood range still need presenting?

This food-grade pouch par excellence is becoming indispensable for anyone who wants to comply with the new packaging rules that will come into effect in January 2017 (ban on plastic bags).

Practical, easy and fast to use, Novafood pouches guarantee freshness and preservation, while also maintaining a perfect seal (patented system).

For the consumer, the Novafood pouch enables preservation, freezing, flash-freezing and reheating in microwaves.

Novafood Clear, for more transparency and better presentation of your product…

Novafood can now come with one transparent, crystal polypropylene side, a high-quality appearance that highlights the packaged product, making it directly identifiable for consumers in their refrigerators or freezers, and since it is printable, it also helps to showcase your brand.


In 2016, Novafood is evolving even further and is now reusable…

You can now take out a few pieces of meat or fish or a chunk of cheese and then reclose the bag and put the food back in the refrigerator or freezer!

Novafood food-grade pouches now come with an optional, patented, repositionable closure along with the standard permanent closure, which means that food can be removed without altering preservation quality.


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