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Hanova, manufacturer of adhesive pouches, polyethylene envelopes, safety envelopes and re-sealable bags.

Solutions for Manufacturing

Your trade

The manufacturing industry is rich in inventions, customers’ desires and production processes, and it is complex because of its demands, notably when the product is finished and it is time to ship it.
With many years of experience, Hanova has developed a full range of packaging dedicated to manufacturing.
Once again, all these solutions can be customised: Size, closure method, types of seals, perforations, handles, protections…
We invite you to learn more about our entire range and to contact us… Do you have a specific project in mind? We are at your service…

Your issues

All our films are made from high-quality materials. Because they are the only ones that offer a perfect guarantee of solidity in terms of material and seams.


All our products can be marked, and they can accept a detachable voucher, as well as bar codes, Gencodes, QR codes or simply sequential numbers.
For one pouch, we can generate up to 3 receipts/tickets used to ensure an extremely high level of traceability.


Our production lead times are between 4 and 8 weeks depending on the product’s technical level, the materials required and potential constraints linked to graphic work.


One product = one packaging?
At Hanova, we do not promise we will succeed, but we commit to do everything to reach this goal… Materials, shapes, production techniques, our R&D department likes to take on challenges…


We offer you the comfort of our standard product range. There is always a possibility to meet your urgent needs by using our standard products in stock Ask us for details.

Our solutions
  • Novagrip
    Novagrip is a Best-Of product in the field of manufacturing or in the health care field. It is used to package all sorts of small objects: Spare parts, samples…
  • Novamail
    Ship your mail, your mailings, or your products first class with a “featherweight” envelope.
  • Novalist
    Ideal for safe transport of your delivery slips, invoices, warranty certificates, assembly diagrams and spare parts during shipping.