Solutions for the banking industry


Some professions, such as banking, require a perfectly secure container to transfer money, notes, official documents or vouchers on a daily basis. The NOVAMAIL and NOVASAFE ranges perfectly guarantee high security conditions with ever greater protection and traceability.

HANOVA’s priority is also the confidentiality and inviolability of the envelopes. Depending on the conditions, the personalisation of the packaging sleeves is possible as well as the design of a specific request according to specifications.

The priorities of your business

Made from transparent PE, so the contents can be seen, or coextruded opaque white PE for greater confidentiality, our NOVASAFE pouches ensure optimal protection of the confidential documents and valuables transported.

With their ‘high-security’ seal, our pouches ensure inviolability. Any penetration by heat, cold, a solvent, cut or tear will leave an indelible mark which will be superimposed on the adhesive strip and prevent the reclosure of the pouch.

To trace and identify each NOVALAB pouch, we propose marking by means of sequential numbers, bar codes or QR codes according to your needs. And for even greater traceability, we recommend 1 or more detachable receipts to enable accurate tracking right until the recipient.

Indicating the shipping details on your pouches ensures smooth delivery at every stage. We play our part by printing the essential information in up to 6 colours. And to make you stand out even more, we can create special formats and bespoke options, such as a bottom gusset, handle and bundle packaging.

Need a customised product?