Airtight bag for transporting samples.

HospitalsMedical analysis laboratoriesAgricultural laboratoriesVeterinarians

The Advantages of Novalab

Perfectly adapted for transporting potentially infectious biological samples or other types of samples according to packaging instruction UN3373 (ADR).

Thanks to the design of its adhesive closing, the Novalab bag satisfies the airtightness requirement of secondary packaging according to packaging instruction P650§7b regulating the road transport of UN3373 (ADR) classed products and thus guarantees the safety of staff during the transport of potentially infectious biological samples.

Novalab is compliant with ISO 15189.

The Novalab bag comes with a unique adhesive closing solution, guaranteeing perfect airtightness and secure transport of samples. Opened by tearing, it does not require any sharp object, thus eliminating any risk of accident during handling.

Incredibly simple to use, the Novalab bag includes a double pouch for the inclusion of a medical prescription or any other document.

Novalab, sachet étanche de transport de prélèvements, fermeture adhésive

Screen printing

An infinite variety of markings is available: Logos, mandatory or informational pictogrammes, usage instructions, etc.


  • Special formats
  • Special films: thicknesses, colours, etc.
  • Screen printing in up to 6 colours
  • Wadded design with hanging holes
  • Absorbent inserted into the bag
  • Sequential numbering, bar codes, QR codes

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