Specialised e-commerce products


The development of e-commerce has increased the need for quality deliveries tenfold. The reliability of a shipment encompasses responsiveness, reliability, speed and care of the service. A well-packaged and safe product enhances the image of a brand in a competitive sector. HANOVA recommends a range of lightweight, durable, easy-to-use standard size pouches with simple or instant closure.

Depending on the conditions, customisation, such as personalised printing, handle, bottom gusset… is possible as well as the design of a specific request according to a specification to satisfy users expecting quality.

The priorities of your business

The priorities for your business are the quality and security of your deliveries. And they are also ours. This is why we have designed opaque NOVAMAIL envelopes manufactured with a high percentage of recycled materials, lightweight, waterproof, with a permanent adhesive seal, available in a wide variety of formats.

For your deliveries, our transparent NOVALIST document pouches can be stuck to your packages ensuring effective protection of the content.

It was to satisfy your business’s need for ever-greater rapidity from the preparation of an order until its delivery within tight deadlines that we designed the NOVASHOP envelopes. Available as nifty hanging bundles, they are easy to handle. They are durable and come with an instantly closable adhesive seal. Greater quality, effectiveness and productivity, plain and simple.

In addition to improving the technical quality of our bags, we are striving to reduce the carbon footprint of our production processes. The use of lightweight, fine and increasingly recycled and recyclable raw materials contributes to our environmentally responsible approach and, therefore, that of your business. In order to meet this need of reducing our carbon footprint, our raw materials are sourced locally or within national territory.

Displaying your brand on your NOVAMAIL shipping pouches reinforces the recognition of your image, which we can enhance with printing in up to 6 colours. And to make you stand out even more, we can create special formats and bespoke options:

  • Bottom gussets
  • Handle
  • Bundle
  • Permanent double seal
  • Receipt, numbering
  • Double outer pocket
  • Easy opening

Need a customised product?