Specialised products for the food industry


The food industry is governed by restrictive food standards, whether for the preparation of recipes, the choice of additives, the professional expertise process or the packaging for preservation or freezing. The NOVAFOOD range meets your requirements with bags featuring technical solutions such as cold resistance, hermeticity and sealing for guaranteeing consumer safety and product flavour.

HANOVA has developed food packaging to current standards available in various qualities, and has created a patented closure that guarantees total sealing of the bag. Depending on the conditions, the personalisation of the packaging sleeves is possible as well as the design of a specific request according to specifications.

The priorities of your business

Essential for transporting foodstuffs from the shelf to the consumer, we designed the NOVAFOOD pouches with a 100% airtight adhesive seal to avoid excess packaging.

These pouches ensure the freshness of the contents and their conservation in optimal conditions in the fridge or freezer. This packaging is practical to use by retailers and easy to open for consumers.

As an optional feature, the repositionable seal allows removal of a portion of the product, reclosing of the pouch and replacement in the fridge.

More than just a benchmark for transport or conservation, these pouches are the ideal solution for consumers who wish to freeze their foodstuffs.

These are 3 practical and handy solutions for reducing the quantity of packaging.

In addition to the 3 valuable uses of this packaging (transport, conservation and freezing), consumers can also defrost and reheat the contents. These actions can be carried out without unpacking the content for simple use in a microwave.

Displaying your brand on your NOVAFOOD pouches reinforces the recognition of your image, which we can enhance with printing in up to 6 colours. And to make you stand out even more, we can create special formats and bespoke closing solutions. We offer a large range of options: bottom gusset, hanging hole, brown kraft paper, transparent window…

Need a customised product?