Specialised products for the logistics trade


The demands of its logistics customers led the company to design extremely practical and simple pouches and shipping envelopes so that their teams could increase their responsiveness and productivity up to the point of preparation of the parcel to be shipped. HANOVA offers pouches with closure strips, a hanging system for inserting an article as well as other features to facilitate simple and efficient handling for the just-in-time logistics sector.

The ability to adapt is a strength faced with the demands inherent in any business activity. HANOVA is capable of fulfilling small, medium or large orders with the same level of quality thanks to a constantly available stock of its common products. Depending on the conditions, the personalisation of the packaging sleeves as well as the design of a specific request is possible according to specifications

The priorities of your business

Every minute counts. We are well aware of this and have developed our products to ensure faster implementation. Our NOVALIST document-carrying adhesive pouches will protect your address labels, delivery slips, invoices or transport documents.
Our lightweight and opaque NOVAMAIL envelopes can meet your most demanding e-commerce-related shipping requirements.
All our solutions are developed for and with our customers. Whatever their business.

Building customer loyalty depends on quality of service. But also on the quality of your packages. While you specialise in the former, we have a range of proposals when it comes to the latter. We play our part in developing our customers. So go ahead and send us your specifications.

Facing an emergency? A deliver that must be dispatched in just a few days? We keep our standard NOVAMAIL and NOVALIST ranges in stock to cover any crisis.

Our NOVAMAIL envelopes are available with detachable receipts to ensure the perfect traceability of your products through sequential numbers and/or bar codes.

Need a customised product?