Specialised Health products


Each instance of handling, from sampling to analysis, must be fully controlled in complete safety. This is why HANOVA offers solutions to respond to priority criteria that comply with the Health requirements of the NOVALAB ISO 15189 range.

These bags guarantee traceability in complete confidentiality, facilitate handling and respect the safety of the sample and that of the health professional. This reliability is recognised by many laboratories and hospitals. Depending on the conditions, the personalisation of the packaging sleeves is possible as well as the design of a specific request according to a specification.

The priorities of your business

Thanks to their adhesive seal, our NOVALAB bags are perfectly airtight and secure for healthcare professionals. From sampling until delivery to the lab, our NOVALAB bags enable transport in compliance with packaging instruction UN3373/P650 (ADR) and the ISO15189 international standard.

Since medical confidentiality is de rigueur and an absolute priority, our NOVALAB bags come with a double outer pocket to house a patient’s documents and ensure fully confidential transport.

To trace and identify each NOVALAB bag, we propose identification by means of sequential numbers, bar codes or QR codes according to your needs. And for even greater traceability, we recommend 1 detachable receipt or 1 label with detachable parts enabling the close monitoring of the patient file.

Our products can be tailored to your specific requirements. Whether you need a special format, a particular material, coloured opacity, marking in up to 5 colours, bundle manufacture or the addition of an absorbent, we have the solutions, capacities and expertise to make your project a reality.

Need a customised product?