Adhesive closure food pouches.

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The Advantages of NovaFOOD

  • Ensures the transporting of foodstuffs, guaranteeing freshness and preservation
  • Enables storage in the refrigerator or freezer with no need for repackaging
  • Practical, time-saving, a way for traders to show off the product
  • Single packaging to save money
  • Boasting patented airtightness, the pouch is hermetic, thus eliminating odours and exudation
  • Customisable in a variety of sizes adapted to your products
  • Available in various qualities (white or brown paper or transparent side)
  • Customisable (with prints and various options)

Durable, with reliable joints and an airtight and permanent adhesive closing, the NOVAFOOD pouch is available in different formats (in stock or bespoke) with a customised printing service and different options.
In its quest to offer the perfect product, Hanova has invested for over 20 years in optimal machinery to meet the needs of the dynamic and booming agri-food market. Our new, cutting-edge industry 4.0 production lines give us increased manufacturing capacity and unquestionable reliability.
Mostly assembled at our production site, this particular complex has been developed specially for the transport, conservation, deep-freezing and defrosting of fish. The 100% barrier effect helps curb bad smells and preserve the taste qualities of seafood.

Formats in stock

Fish shop range:

  • 250 x 166
  • 185 x 250
  • 250 x 250
  • 320 x 250
  • 280 x 500
  • 280 x 666

Butcher, delicatessen, cheese shop, caterer:

  • 250 x 166
  • 250 x 250
  • 320 x 250
  • 320 x 333
  • 370 x 500

Customised formats:

Small or large, our NOVAFOOD bags can be tailored to your requirements! Contact our sales team to discover the feasibility of the dimensions which will be most suitable for your activities. Free quotes issued within 24/48h, samples (similar or comparable on request) and short production times (3-4 weeks).

Novafood, pochette alimentaire fermeture adhésive


  • Adjustable adhesive closing: so consumers can open and reseal the pouch to take out slices of meat or cheese without systematic repackaging.
  • Customised printing – up to 6 colours on both sides: display your company’s image on these envelopes with your colours and logo

The NOVAFOOD envelope is available as:

2-sided white paper

(one quality dedicated to the fish department and a specific quality for other traditional stands): classic appearance

2-sided brown paper

vintage and natural appearance

1 transparent side with a white or brown paper side, according to your preference:

product visibility, also prevents product markdowns

Need a customised product?