Standard or bespoke products

Versatile expertise

HANOVA constantly anticipates its manner of producing, investing and innovating with the desire to anticipate new needs while respecting the environment. Always ready to listen to its customers and sensitive to economic and ecological challenges, HANOVA offers practical standard solutions and the possibility of bespoke manufacture for more unusual projects.

Standard ranges available

Since responsiveness is essential, HANOVA keeps a stock of standard products on site in a 2,700 m² warehouse.

This storage capacity reassures customers who also depend on the procurement logistics of their suppliers to ensure their activities run smoothly.

Bespoke expertise

The design of a project is always a new challenge guided by the expertise of our teams and the precision of our cutting-edge machinery. Thanks to its investments, engineers and R&D department, HANOVA can create a tailored product that satisfies the specifications. Our bespoke service can be used for various conditions of quantities and options and will be the object of a personalised quote.

Our sales and technical teams are ready to help with your project.

Need a customised product?