Package it up in a flash!

Wadded polyethylene envelope with instant adhesive closing.

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The Advantages of Novashop

  • Revolutionary: patented instant closing design
  • Optimisation of the workspace
  • Saves time, productivity and space Easy to use, with batch of 100 items
  • Environmentally friendly design: recycled raw material that is recyclable an infinite number of times
  • Lightweight: minimised carbon footprint for shipping
  • Customisable in a variety of sizes adapted to your products
  • Durable, opaque, tear-resistant, waterproof
  • Customisable (with prints and various options)

With instant closing and wadding, the NOVASHOP offers unparalleled time saving and increased productivity. No more bulk envelopes on your workstation, dividers that slow down the preparation of an order, NOVASHOP, in a bundle and attached to a vertical surface enables the picking and insertion of articles in a flash!

Once the envelope is full, just detach it by pulling on the perforation. The divided remains in place vertically and a sequence of orders can be prepared without losing any time.

Novashop, enveloppe polyéthylène liassée à fermeture adhésive


The material comes from reliable French recycling networks. The products we design and manufacture satisfy the requirements of the AGEC law.

  • Reducing our consumption of pure polyethylene
  • Reducing our raw material waste
  • Recycling our products
  • Lower carbon footprint through procurement of local, regional or French materials.

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