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Hanova, manufacturer of adhesive pouches, polyethylene envelopes, safety envelopes and re-sealable bags.

E-commerce solutions

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Are you a specialist in online, mail order or catalogue sales?

Your customers know you by your friendliness and by the efficiency and rapidity of your logistics service. But we know that the last contact that will get them to order again is the quality of what comes to their door. Care in primary packaging, package attractiveness and appearance, care in secondary packaging, and protection provided during shipping are essential elements for the end of your delivery chain, and it’s the guarantee that you will be making many more deliveries...

Our products have been studied for and with distance selling specialists like you. And we keep evolving, because you never stop evolving either...

Your issues

Regardless of your sales channel: TV (home shopping), telephone sales, catalogue, paper advertisements, Internet… and regardless of your sector of activity, we help you ship your products under the best possible conditions.

Issue No. 1

Shipping safety

Issue No. 2

Cost cutting

Issue No. 3

Optimising your carbon footprint

Issue No. 4

Highlighting your products and your brand

Issue No. 5

Guaranteed re-order

Our solutions
  • Novamail
    Ship your mail, your mailings, or your products first class with a “featherweight” envelope.
  • Novalist
    Ideal for safe transport of your delivery slips, invoices, warranty certificates, assembly diagrams and spare parts during shipping.
  • Novagrip
    Novagrip is a Best-Of product in the field of manufacturing or in the health care field. It is used to package all sorts of small objects: Spare parts, samples…