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Hanova, manufacturer of adhesive pouches, polyethylene envelopes, safety envelopes and re-sealable bags.

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Food bags

Through its patented sealing system, this package ensures packaging, transport, preservation and microwave compatibility of fresh products, such as fish, deli products, meat or cheese.

of Novafood
  • Freshness
  • Preservation (in refrigerator, or freezer)
  • Patented sealing
  • Airtight and odour-free
  • Microwave defrosting
of Novafood
  • Fish counter
  • Deli counter
  • Meat counter
  • Prepared foods counter
  • Cheese counter
  • Retailers/Merchants
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2 standard ranges

Two standard ranges at your disposal:

  • Meat / Deli / Prepared Foods (Paper – PE)
  • Fish stand (BIPE)

2 formats in each range:

  • 250 x 250 mm
  • 330 x 250 mm

2 front page options:

  • White (Paper/PE)
  • Transparent (PP)

2 closure options:

  • Permanent
  • Re-sealable

Only Hanova can guarantee you 100% sealing with its patented closure!

Legislation info

The ETP [Energy Transition Policy] has changed the game with regards to the use of plastic bags at large retailers since March 1, 2016 and will do so in small businesses and specialized food stands in supermarkets starting on January 1, 2017. No more sheets of paper in which we once wrapped meat or fish and then slid into a plastic bag. Now, more expensive bags will be used, whose permeability may be disputed and which cannot be put in a freezer or microwave. Novafood is now THE sealing solution that can be refrigerated, frozen, micro-wavedand can especially be employed as single-use packaging for the b utcher or fishmonger. Time savings, product showcasing, and simplification of the customer’s daily life…, this product has lots to offer

Raw materials

Paper / PE: This complex product is impermeable to meat or deli juices and perfectly adapted to the transportation and preservation of fresh or prepared products.

BIPE : Mainly assembled at our production site, this specific complex product was developed especially for transportation, preservation, freezing and defrosting of fish. Its 100% barrier effect is used to contain strong smells and to preserve the taste of seafood products.


There are many possibilities to customise it, consult with us!

  • Polyester, polypro or aluminium complex.
  • Possible to manufacture with transparent film on one side.
  • Printing of up to 6 colours.