Things always come in threes! In May 2022, HANOVA brilliantly met its goal of becoming certified with 3 essential ISO standards, thus offering its customers a guarantee of responsibility, quality and engagement.

In order to achieve this objective, we created a new position and recruited a QHSE Engineer in September 2021. This will help us satisfy the regulatory requirements of the legislators and guarantee our customers quality, security and respect for the environment.

At Hanova, product quality is a variable which simply cannot be ignored. We have been had ISO 9001 certification since May 2022, which is your guarantee that our products have been designed with the greatest care, for flawless pouches.

Aware of the ever-increasing challenges of global warming, our company has decided to go green with the ISO 140001 standard certifying strict environmental management and compliance with sustainable development targets.

Lastly, to ensure that our food pouches satisfy the food safety requirements, we have also obtained FFSC22000 certification, confirming that our packaging preserves and protects your foodstuffs.