Discover our bag designed for the transport of biological samples

Le sachet NOVALAB©, répond à l’exigence d’étanchéité de l’emballage secondaire réglementant le transport routier des produits et garantit ainsi la sécurité du personnel pendant le transport.

Thanks to the design of its adhesive closure, the NOVALAB© bag meets the sealing requirements of the secondary packaging regulating the road transport of products classified as UN3373 (ADR) and thus guarantees the safety of personnel during the transport of biological samples at infectious risk.

This NOVALAB© product can be customized:

Special formats

Special films: thicknesses, colors, …

Silk-screening up to 6 colors,

Manufacturing in bundles with suspension holes,

Insertion of absorbent in the bag,

Sequential numbering, barcodes, QR-Codes…

The customization options of our carrier bags are adapted to your needs and each production is made in our factory located in the Hauts-de-France in Ruitz.


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