Pack in 2, 3 steps!

Grâce à sa fermeture adhésive instantanée, elle permet de gagner du temps, de la productivité et de l’efficacité !

Our patented NOVASHOP© instant-closure envelope

In today’s world, e-commerce, click and collect and mail-order sales have taken on a major role.
To facilitate these activities, the NOVASHOP© HANOVA self-adhesive envelope is a must!
ratic and secure, it offers a fast, efficient solution for shipping products.

Thanks to its instant adhesive closure, it saves time, increases productivity and boosts efficiency!

When hung on a wall or bundled, it can be detached by means of a perforation, and there’s no need to close the adhesive flap, as the envelope closes by itself.

For logistics companies, they facilitate parcel sorting and dispatch, while improving operational efficiency.
For mail-order companies, these envelopes ensure the confidentiality of documents and provide a neat presentation for recipients.

Our envelopes are available in different sizes to suit a variety of products, and can also be printed in up to 6 colors.
Resistant, they guarantee protection of products during transport, minimizing the risk of damage or theft.
Equipped with a handle, if required, or a bottom gusset for bulky items, they provide convenience and comfort for order-pickers and consumers alike.

Our NOVASHOP© envelopes have become indispensable, offering a practical, secure and economical solution for packaging and shipping products.

Watch a short video of our product: https://youtu.be/G8xNTAFPWww

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