Disposable packaging: consumers' ecological anxiety

Les emballages à usage unique sont de plus en plus remis en question par les consommateurs sensibles à l’impact environnemental de leurs achats.

Single-use packaging is increasingly being called into question by consumers who are sensitive to the environmental impact of their purchases.

According to a study by ADEME, 87% of French people say they are prepared to change their consumption habits to reduce the amount of waste they produce. Packaging accounts for a large proportion of this waste, especially in the catering sector.

This is where the “eFFet Vert” environmental index comes in, a simple, clear rating system that informs professionals about the environmental impact of packaging, classifying products from A to F (like the Nutri-Score) according to their impact on the planet, throughout their life cycle. This means from the production of materials, through to the manufacture and end of life of the product itself.

10 criteria are scrutinised: the choice of materials, whether or not the raw materials are certified, the production plant, the percentage of recycled materials, renewable raw materials, the supply distance, modes of transport, product lifespan, recyclability and biodegradability.

What do you think of this rating system, which seeks to involve all the players in the cycle, from production to consumption?